The Eurasians: A Founding Community of Penang


Eustace Anthony Nonis
2012. Published by Eustace Anthony Nonis
Softcover, 21cm x 14.7cm, 134 pages
20+ photographs
ISBN 9789671100707

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Product Description

In any historical account of Penang, some reference will almost certainly be made to the presence of and contributions by a small but important community known as the Eurasians. They came to Penang with Captain Francis Light in 1786, witnessed the hoisting of the Union Jack on the island for the first time and were largely responsible for seeing to the administration of the new settlement. Despite their many achievements and contributions to the social and economic development of Penang, very little has been written about this community. This book gives a brief history of Penang from a Eurasian perspective. It tells their story.

About the Author

Eustace Anthony Nonis is a Eurasian who was born, educated and worked for some time in Penang, before going overseas to continue his working career. On retirement, he returned to Penang and was actively involved in the affairs of the Penang Eurasian Association, serving as its president. He has written this book drawing on his personal knowledge and experiences, and with the help of many Eurasians living in Penang.

Table of Contents

The Beginnings
Early Penang
(George) Town Eurasians
Pulau Tikus Eurasians
The Next 147 Years
Japanese Occupation of Penang (World War Two)
Post War Penang
(George) Town Eurasians Today
Pulau Tikus Eurasians Today
Penang Eurasian Association
Time Line for Penang Eurasians
Suffolk House
Argus Lane Eurasians
“E” Company
If Buildings Could Talk
Lowering The Flag
Atap Hut Days of St. Xavier’s Institution
The Pulau Tikus Kampong Serani Story
The Marine Engineers
The French Parish Priest
The Pipe Organ
The Singer
The Music Man
The Public Speaker
Against All Odds
The Human Dynamo
A Typical (George) Town Eurasian
A Typical Pulau Tikus Eurasian
Master Willie
War Victims
The Photographer
The Rozells
The Valuer

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