Shophouse / Townhouse: Asian Perspectives


Edited by Wong Yunn Chii, Johannes Widodo
2016. National University of Singapore
Softcover. 26.6cm x 21cm, 227 pages
100+ illustrations, photographs and maps
ISBN 9789810910655

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Product Description

The shophouse typology is a quintessential urban vernacular form in Southeast Asia. It is an ubiquitous architectural form that has assumed diverse appearances and meanings.

Shophouse / Townhouse: Asian Perspectives is an anthology of essays attempts to shed contemporary understanding of this social form and architectural typology, drawing upon recent works of scholars, conservators and practitioners. The generous support of the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation enabled the first symposium on this subject in 2012. The ten core essays from the proceeding, supported by eight more carefully solicited essays, provided invaluable comparative details, enriching further the original anthology.

Shophouse / Townhouse: Asian Perspectives is curated by the School of Design and Environment, Department of Architecture and published by the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore

The study of shophouses from both an architectural as well as a social perspective makes itself worthy of further exposition beyond architectural history. (From our newsletter)

Table of Contents

  • The City and the Shophouse: Ahmedabad: india
  • Siam Square: Shophouse and Creative Reuse Urbanism Bangkok
  • Peculiar Shophouses in Indonesia: Types, Variants, and Context
  • Machiya: A Typology of Japanese Townhouses
  • Shophouses in Vietnam
  • Arquitectura de Sangley: Bahay na Bato, Tiendas, and Accesorias
  • The Malaccan Townhouse & Shophouse: An Evolution in Anglo-Dutch World
  • Building Shophouses : An Urban History of Jalan Besar, 1880 – 1969
  • Tube-House: A Heritage Resources of Hanoi Ancient Quarter, Vietnam
  • The Language of Shophouse Plans: Experimental Derivations with a Peranakan Grammar
  • Modernity on a New Shophouse Street in Malacca
  • A Case for Material Conservation: Two Shophouse/ Townhouse case studies in Singapore
  • 8 Heeren Street: The Restoration and adaptive Re-use of a Malacca Early Shophouse
  • Shophouse Conservation: Restoration and Adaptive Design in George Town, Penang
  • Painted plasters of Malaccan buildings
  • The Practical Experience of the Conservation of Shophouse in Singapore
  • The Facades of Malaccan Baba Nyonya Townhouses: Watercolours as Aesthetic and Symbolic Traces
  • Learning from Hanoi: The Shophouse
  • Time Unfrozen: URS127 Commune Gallery as a Case Study on Urban Regeneration
  • Tong Lau: Hong Kong’s Anglo Cantonese Shophouse Typology
  • Rumah Baba Melaka

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