Returning Taiping: The Town of Tin, Rain, Commerce, Leisure and Heritage


Edited by Ho Weng Hin
2010. CASA, National University of Singapore
Softcover, 21.2cm x 26.2cm, 211 pages
200+ colour photographs and sketches
ISBN: 9789810863302

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Product Description

Since its founding, Taiping has gone through many ‘turns’ as the town of tin, commerce, and leisure – rainfall being the only constant. Now, Taiping is poised for another turn, a town of Heritage. In 2010, 30 students set out to map the streets of Taiping, study and trace four of her houses down to every detail, and observe how inhabitants use and live in these spaces. Over many intensive days, they walked and experienced the city, capturing the voices of her people. Returning Taiping is an earnest record of the town at the turn of the 21st century: like an archaeological log, it seeks to document the many layers and stories of Taiping.

About the Book

This book is based on a study of the former tin-mining town in Perak by staff and students from the architecture departments of the University of Malaya (UM) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). This book presents the urban analyses, documentation, measured drawings and architectural models executed during the UM-NUS Joint Studio conducted in May and June 2010.

Table of Contents

Town of Tin
-Ng Boo Bee House
-Cheah Png Sou House
Town of Rain
-The Dhoby Lines
-Gridiron Town Planning
-Landmarks and Nodes
-Photocopy Shop + Lorry Workshop
-Climate-responsive Design
Town of Commerce
-Old Market
-New Market
-Retail and Services
-Adaptive Reuse
Town of Leisure
-Peace Hotel
Town of Heritage
Programme Flow
Photo Credits + Bibliography

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