Rethinking Chinatown and Heritage Conservation in Singapore


Kwok Kian Woon,
C.J. Wee Wan-Ling,
Karen Chia.
2000. Singapore Heritage Society
Softcover. Black&white illustrations. 88pages.
ISBN 9789810421335

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On September 1998, the Singapore Tourist Board announced a S$97.5m plan to ‘revitalize’ Chinatown to capitalize on its major role in cultural tourism.  Singapore Heritage Society (SHS) is of the view that tourism and heritage are not two opposing concerns. Indeed cultural tourism is important as it expresses the pride that people have for their national heritage, as well as for the sake of the tourist dollar. Rethinking Chinatown and Heritage Conservation in Singapore discusses the multi-prong preliminary review of the STB Chinatown proposal – public debates, areas of concern, challenges, opportunities, lessons learnt and the future.

The study aims to:

  •  Document the course of the public debate on the STB proposal and the future of Chinatown
  • Highlight certain perspectives and areas of concern that are relevant for the implementation of the STB plans
  • Draw lessons from the Chinatown debate and reflect on future directions for the development of heritage sites in Singapore

The study is divided into four main sections:

  • Our Chinatown Heritage
  • Challenges in the Revitilization of Chinatown
  • Opportunities for the Redevelopment of Chinatown
  • A consideration of the STB proposal

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