Tan Tiong Liat
2012. Editorial Associates
Softcover. 21cm x 13.9cm, 66 pages
29 black and white/colour photographs
ISBN: 9789671154502

Product Description

This series of recollections sketch the extended family history of matriarch Wong Pek Leng through the eyes of grandson Tan Tiong Liat. Growing up in George Town, Penang, he encountered many colourful characters in his childhood and youth. Tinged with humour and insights, his anecdotes and memories capture the essence of a Peranakan upbringing in the Baba Nyonya environment that existed before the Second World War. The accompanying photographs portray a bygone era of the early and mid-20th century lifestyle of the overseas Chinese in Malaysia.

About the Author

Tan Tiong Liat was born and raised in George Town, Penang. He is one of many descendents of Wong Pek Leng and her husband Loke Chiew Kit. Brought up in the household of 17 Muntri Street, he still identifies with the culture in which he was raised. In November 2012, he participated in a reunion of roughly 60 Loke clansmen, who came together to reminisce upon their shared history and to tell stories about their diverse life paths.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Ho Nam
Chapter 2: The Clan
Chapter 3: Pre-World War 2
Chapter 4: Post-World War 2
Chapter 5: My Relatives
Chapter 6: My Youth
Chapter 7: WPL’s Descendants

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