Path of the Righteous Crane: The Life and Legacy of Eu Tong Sen


Ilsa Sharp
2009. Landmark Books Pte Ltd
Softcover, 21.7cm x 14.3cm, 216 pages
20+ photographs
ISBN 9789814189224

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Eu Tong Sen holds pride of place in many minds as one of Southeast Asia’s most successful businessmen of early twentieth century, but surprisingly little has been written of him from a biographical standpoint. Path of the Righteous Crane is one of the first definitive biographies about the man, tracing his life from his roots in Malaya to his emergent success in both Singapore and Hong Kong. Over the course of his life, Eu involved in everything from the tin mining business, a legacy he inherited from his father, to Chinese medicine, from government positions to social advocacy for the criminalization of opium. Such was his success that one of Singapore’s streets now bears his name.

About the author

Ilsa Sharp, originally from Britain but currently based in Perth, Australia, lived for many years in Southeast and East Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In 1971, Ilsa was one of the first Western journalists to visit and report from China at the tail end of the Cultural Revolution. Her career since 1968 includes newspaper, magazine and broadcasting journalism, book research editing, as well as public speaking. She is the author of 20 books on aspects of Asia and Australia, including several commissioned corporate histories.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Man of Our Age, 1877-1941
1: Lessons from Life, China-Malaya, 1877-1893
2: Coming of Age, Malaya, 1893-1907
3: Taking the Righteous Path, Malaya, 1907-1910
4: New Beginnings, Singapore, 1910-1931
5: Returning to the East in Triumph, Hong Kong, 1931-1941
6: The Legacy, Across the Globe, 1941-2008
-The Eu Villas: A Fantasy Estate
-Calling the Tune
-Male Genealogy
-Fact-file, Eu Yan Sang International Ltd
Acknowledgements & Credits
Selected Bibliography

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