Old Shanghai: Gangsters in Paradise


Lynn Pan
2011. Marshall Cavendish Editions
Softcover, 24.1cm x 18.5cm, 248 pages
10+ black and white photographs
ISBN 9789814351423

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What sets Old Shanghai apart from the numerous other records of the dramatic first half of twentieth-century China is the author’s unique telling of these events, from the war with Japan to the ultimate triumph of the Chinese Communist party through a collage of interlocking historical portraits. Du Yue-sheng, organized crime lord; Wang Jingwei, misguided nationalist; General Dai Li, the head of Asia’s most powerful secret police, and many others are featured in Lynn Pan’s exceptional historical recounting. The account she provides, detailing the underworld of gangsters, the subworld of spies and secret agents, and everything in between, read as easily as if this book of history were a thriller novel.

Editorial Reviews

“A superb and emotionally sure-footed narrative.” Times Literary Supplement

About the Author

Lynn Pan is the author of Sons of the Yellow Emperor (winner of the 1992 Martin Luther King Memorial Prize) and editor of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas. Her other books include China’s Sorrow, The New Chinese RevolutionTracing it Home and, most recently, Shanghai Style: Art and Design Between the Wars. She lives in Shanghai, the city of her birth.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Part One
1: Auspicious Tuesday, 9 June 1931
2: Waterfront Urchin, 1887-1908
3: Secret Societies and Opium, 1908-1915
4: Gangland and Warlords, 1915-1927
5: Shanghai Takeover, 1927-1931
6: The Opportunist as Patriot, 1931-1937
Part Two
7: Bloody Saturday, 14 August 1937
8: The Rising Sun over Shanghai, 1937-1938
9: Appeasement and Terror, 1938-1939
10: The Nanjing Regime, 1939-1940
11: Traitors and Guerrillas, 1940-1944
12: Betrayals and Homecomings, 1944-1946
13: Just and Unjust Desserts, 1946-1948
14: Red Star Over Shanghai, 1948-1952
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