Life of Ferdach

The Malayan Life of Ferdach O’ Haney


Frederick Lees
2008. Monsoon Books
Soft cover. 19.8cm x 13cm, 572 pages
ISBN No: 9789810823825

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It is 1950 and the Federation of Malaya is in the throes of the Malayan Emergency. The British are struggling to defeat the communist terrorists and deal with rising nationalism in the colony. Enter Ferdach O’Haney, a most unlikely recruit to the Malayan Civil Service.

O’Haney arrives in Malaya as a young Anglo-Irish man to serve the Federation government, but he is no colonialist. The Irish part of him is opposed to imperialism and his university life has opened his mind to communism. At once he is plunged into the nitty-gritty of Malayan Emergency duties in the New Villages and in the communist-occupied jungles of Perak.

Gregarious and bisexual, O’Haney is equally at home in the brothels of Penang and in Singapore’s sleazy Bugis Street as he is in the corridors of British intelligence at Phoenix Park in Singapore and in the manicured grounds of King’s House and Carcosa in Kuala Lumpur. He befriends communist terrorists and nationalist sympathisers, experiences the bloody Maria Hertogh race riots, and comes up against prejudiced colonial administrators. O’Haney meets General Briggs and Chin Peng, the leader of the communist guerrillas, and he reveals new information about the assassination of Sir Henry Gurney.

The Malayan Life of Ferdach O’Haney is a fictionalised account of the author Frederick Lees’ own experiences in 1950s Malaya. This exciting novel is shot through with the atmosphere of the period and makes for a fascinating historical account as it describes true incidents in the lives of real people.


“The Book is beautifully written and plotted with a touch of genius” – Fred E. Frisk, ex-Malayan Civil Service and Emeritus Professor of South East Asian Studies at Australian National University.

“A vibrant and sensitive account of what it was like to be a Malaya during the most difficult stage of emergency” – Sir Phillip Moore, former Deputy British High Commissioner to Singapore and Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II

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