Fatimah’s Kampung


Iain Buchanan
2009. Consumer Association of Penang
120 pages, 110 colour illustrations
ISBN No: 9789833083701

Product Description

A vividly illustrated labour of love that took eight years to produce, this is a tale about the price of development. Fatimah lives in the family kampung, or village, but she must move. Fatimah’s kampung was the last kampung the city consumed. Everywhere else, villages had been flattened, precious landmarks destroyed. But Fatimah had been blessed: she still lived in the house her moyang, or ancestor, had built, and she could still hear the banana leaves clatter in the rain outside her window. But development did come, and the Kampung is next in line to be destroyed.  Fatimah’s story is a parable, for children and adults, about a fast-changing world. It is a reminder of how wonderful the world can be, and a warning of how barren we can let it become.

Editorial Reviews

“It is a book written by a meticulous person who has an eye for beauty and a heart for a deeply moral message.” Arndt Graf

“Definitely a universal story and an ideal book to share and discuss with our children, nieces and nephews, about how and why nature, culture and economy are inter-connected.” Green Selipar Malaysia

“Thanks to the meticulous rendering of the kampung (keep your eyes peeled for the cats that appear in almost every picture spread) and the detailed recounting of Fatimah’s life, this book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.” Daphne Lee, The Star

About the Author

After studying geography at university, Iain Buchanan moved to Malaysia to teach. Malaysia’s scents of roasting peanuts and frangipani  brought back to life vivid memories of his childhood spent in Africa, drawing him closer into his new home and finding within it a certain familiarity. Eventually, he moved back to England to continue his career in teaching, and he soon found himself split between two worlds: one in the corner of provincial England, and the other in the tropical paradise of Malaysia. His background in geography, paired with his desire to use his education to communicate with the young people of the world, sparked within him a desire to create Fatimah’s Kampung, a story, at its very heart, concerned with the two worlds Buchanan himself found himself skirting the line between.

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