A Study of Chinese Obsequies in Malaysia/ 魂氣歸天: 馬來西亞華人喪禮考論


Lee Eng Kew 李永球
2012. Dream Seed Publisher 漫延書房
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The soul’s spirit will be attributed to sky, while the shape of spirit will be attributed to ground.


Explanation: After human died, the spirit will be attributed to sky, while the shape spirit will be attributed to ground, hence, we have to seek the reason of yin and yang during worship.

李永球,祖籍福建永泰縣洑口鄉口坑村(原福建安溪),1965年誕生於馬來西亞霹靂州太平市,霹靂州太平華聯國民型中學初中三畢業,自中學開始對本邦歷史民俗深感興趣。畢業後一面協助父親小販事業,一面進行田野調查工作,並以李桃李,峇峇球等筆名發表文章於報章雜誌上。 2004年成為全職的文史田野工作者 (in Chinese)。

Lee Eng Kew, from native of Fujian province, he was born in Selangor, Malaysia in 1965,and he was graduated in SMJK Hua Lian Taiping when he was Form 3. Mr. Lee was interested on the local culture and customs since he was in secondary students. After graduated, he helped his father in doing the peddler, and researching about the field at the same time. By using the pseudonym of Li Taoli, Ah Kew Lee and others, he published a lot of articles on magazines and newspapers. In 2004, Lee was became a full time worker in doing the history about the field.


著有: Works:

《移國—太平華裔歷史人物集》 2003年4月    《THE CHINESE HISTORICAL FIGURES OF TAIPING 》April 2003


《字言字語》 2007年11月      《LET THE WORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF》November 2007


主持的記錄片:     Documentary:

《峇峇球》 2004年      《Ah Kiew the digger》2004 year

《海盜與王船》 2008年     《The pirate and the emperor’s ship》2008 year


序言   Foreword

自序      待到紙錢化蝶時 她在墓中笑!

序壹      孝道就在喪禮中~徐福全博士

序貳      重興喪葬禮儀~王夫子教授

序叁      禮失求諸野~徐威雄博士


殮禮篇     Burial ritual articles

禮俗篇     Customs articles

法事篇     Ritual articles

殯葬篇     Funeral articles

祭祀篇     Worship articles


附錄     Appendix

結論    Conclusion

參考資料     Additional information

專訪人物簡介    Interview Biography

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