International Women’s Day 2017



International Women’s Day 2017 aims, among other goals, to challenge conscious and unconscious bias; call for gender-balanced leadership; value women and men’s contributions equally; and create inclusive flexible cultures. Areca Books celebrates the occasion with a mixture of old and new titles inspired by the stories of inspirational women. Happy Women’s Day!

☛Andrew Barber’s new book, “Doris van der Stratten”, is the intriguing account of a 39-year old Australian housewife and the mistress of a senior ranking Japanese military officer; how she survived a massacre of civilians, endured an epic five-month journey through the jungles of enemy-occupied Malaya and how she fought back.
“Carefully researched, Barber’s book steams along, methodically unfolding as an easy and compelling read and portraying Doris dispassionately, but sympathetically.” – Chad Merchant, The Expat

☛”Days Gone By: Growing Up in Penang” — Christine Wu Ramsay describes her childhood in the Straits Settlement of Penang, beginning with how her great-grandfather became a mining magnate and Vice Consul of China.…/days-gone-by-growing-up-in-penang/

☛”Gayatri Rajapatni: The Woman Behind the Glory of Majapahit” imaginatively re-creates Gayatri’s world, placing her at the centre of Majapahit’s great history. Rich in historical detail and dramatic prose, Drake’s story sheds light on one of Indonesia’s forgotten leaders, and one of its most powerful kingdoms.

☛”Prescriptions of Faith” — the story of Dr. Peter Tan Ewe Aik & Dr. Eleanor Eu Gaik Choo and their experiences growing up in the uncertain political climate during the tumultuous period of the mid-twentieth century. In these two intertwined autobiographies, the reader finds heartfelt testimonies of faith, sacrifice and contributions to making life more meaningful.

☛”Giving Our Best” looks at 125 years of tradition in which pioneering women educators transformed St George’s into an innovative establishment which, in turn, produced generations of brave young girls inculcated with a positive love of learning and a determination to succeed.…/giving-our-best-the-story-of-st-ge…/

☛”Dining with Dragons” — the inspiring story of Carol Selva Rajah. Born in Malaysia, she rose to become one of Australia’s most respected experts in Asian cuisine, a celebrity chef with an exceptional intellectual and cultural pedigree, an engaging television presenter, an authoritative university guest lecturer, and the author of 11 cook books: two as prize winning books.

☛”Contemporary Feminist Artist: Eng Hwee Chu (當代女性藝術家: 楊惠珠)” is a showcase of Hwee Chu’s paintings, a contemporary feminist artist who specialises in acrylic painting who also works with installation art and sculpture. Her works expresses her own life experiences and represents a voice of women in relation to the roles and status of women in society.

☛”Once Upon a Nyonya Tale” — the perfect introduction for children to the world of Peranakan. Using a simple fairy tale as the backdrop, the author spins a charming story of a little Nyonya girl as she travels through an imaginary place called Land of the Ethereal filled with Nyonya elements: kebaya, nyonya food, nyonya kuih, phoenix, butterflies and more. Think of it as a Nyonya version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

☛”Pearly’s Nyonya Pantry” — a cookbook of real old-school Nyonya classics such as Laksa Lemak, Char Siput, Too Kwa Kean and Buah Keluak Kay – dishes that are getting harder and harder to find.