Beyond ThBeyond the sea pice Sea by P. Singaram
(English version) translated by R. Karthigesu

P. Singaram’s Beyond the Sea is a classic of modern Tamil literature, and one of the few Tamil novels of its era to be set completely in Southeast Asia. R. Karthigesu’s excellent translation brings this work to an English-speaking audience for the very first time. The novel’s gripping wartime plot and its evocative scenes of everyday life in Penang continue to compel the attention. This beautiful new edition by Areca Books will be of interest to general readers and scholars alike.


– Sunil Amrith, Professor of South Asian Studies, Harvard University
Author, Crossing the Bay of Bengal: The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants

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Sutan Puasa edited
Sutan Puasa: Founder of Kuala Lumpur by Abdur-Razzaq Lubis

Who is the real founder of Kuala Lumpur? This issue has been debated passionately for almost a century. The official version or ‘Malay’ version credits Raja Abdullah (a Bugis rather than Malay chief) with the establishment of Kuala Lumpur, while the Chinese regard Yap Ah Loy as the legendary founder. If there was a Chinese founder he would have been the first Capitan China of Kuala Lumpur, but Yap Ah Loy was the third. The ‘founding myth’ of Kuala Lumpur is revealed in a survey of contemporary literature disclosing the disagreements as to the origin and the founding father of the capital city of Malaysia. Even the name Kuala Lumpur has been problematized on the premise that it is not in keeping with Malay usage. Various hypothesis have been put forth as to the origin of the name Kuala Lumpur, ranging from ‘Pengkalen Lumpur’ (Pangkalan Lumpur) to the Cantonese word, lam-pa. A highly respected historian of Kuala Lumpur thereby concluded that ‘The origin of the local name will probably never be established.’ This work attempts to offer a satisfactory explanation to resolve this issue once and for all.

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The Resilience of Tradition: Allusions to Malay Cultural Forms and Values in Contemporary Architecture 
by Shireen Jahn Kassim, Norwina Mohd Nawawi, Noor Hanita Abdul Majid    

How and to what extent is contemporary Malaysian architectural identity influenced by Malay culture, values and forms? How is the Malay Modern situated within the discourse of contemporary tropical architecture? How does the evolution of Malay architecture answer the challenge of developing climatically appropriate eco-architecture?

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Gurmit draft cover2Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist by Gurmit Singh

How did environmental activism begin in Malaysia? Who were the key players back in the 1970s, when the international community was just starting to notice climate change? ‘Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist’ chronicles the life of firebrand Malaysian environmental activist Gurmit Singh, from his childhood as a self-professed bookworm to a vociferous environmental advocate who played a prominent role in Malaysia’s environmental journey.

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