Celebrating genius loci – Discover the ‘spirit’ of places with our featured books this month

 June theme


The Towns of Malaya
An overview of Malaya’s progress and development, as seen from the perspective of its towns circa late19th century to 1957. A total of 35 towns selected, representing three main categories: royal, port and mining.


Peninsula: A Story of Malaysia
A personal memoir based on the generational changes Malaysia has undergone since Independence, examining their roots in the past and implications for the future, by one who lived through them.


Penang Hill – A Journey Through Time
Captured, for the first time, the fascinating ‘journey  through time’ of Penang Hill. Lavishly illustrated with over 500  images, many never seen before, this is truly a book to treasure.


Sejarah Bergambar Seberang Perai / Province Wellesley, A Pictorial History
A sui generis work of research unearthing, for the first time, Province Wellesley’s rich historical heritage for appreciation and studies by future generations.


Johor: 300 Early Postcards
Rare glimpses into the architecture, landscapes and lifestyles of a bygone era, from the late 19th century to the 1950s.


Malaya: 500 Early Postcards
A wide-ranging collection of the changing landscapes and townscapes of the Federated and Unfederated Malay States and the Straits Settlements.


Perak Postcards 1890s-1940s
The largest collection ever assembled into one volume, with more than 500 picture postcards featuring all the major Perak districts and towns – Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar, Telok Anson and the mining towns of Kinta.


Penang Shophouses
An up-to-date, fully illustrated, and comprehensive handbook that catalogues and represents the vast array of building features and building materials used in Penang’s veranacular architecture


Singapore Shophouse
This book traces the evolution of the Singapore shophouses through their various incarnations – Chinese Baroque, Neoclassical, Jubilee-style, Edwardian, Rococo, Modern – with comments on the various influences that fuelled their developments.


Wanderer to Brunei
From the pen of a writer known as ‘Pengembara’, the eagerly awaited description of seldom visited islands in Brunei Bay, the Malaysian Borneo territories of Sabah and Sarawak, Thailand and beyond.


Yangon Echoes
Replete with colourful photographs, a chronicle of everyday Yangon life via domestic connections to old places, social spaces and urban folklores, and linking the past to the present via living memories.


Macao—People and Places, Past and Present
A superb book, beautifully illustrated with photographs and maps which takes the reader through the labyrinth of Macao’s meandering streets and back ways.


Bujang Valley: The Wonder that was Ancient Kedah
Over 100 photographs of the magnificent history, archaeology and artifacts of an ancient civilization that is much older than the Malacca Sultanate. Available in English and Tamil.


Kinta Valley: Pioneering Malaysia’s Modern Development
The bitter-sweet story of the many charming towns of Kinta ― charting the rise of Ipoh as the ‘hub of Malaya’ and the vicissitudes of tin and rubber booms and busts.


Kuala Lumpur – A Sketchbook
Over 150 watercolour paintings and sketched details of the city’s grandest buildings, humblest shophouses and typical street scenes. This book will remind readers of the riches that still remain and help them to appreciate the city’s unique character.


Kuala Terengganu in 7 Days
Laced with the author’s personal anecdotes, this interactive travelogue-comic is a light enjoyable read for anyone who’s keen to know more about Terengganu’s capital town.


Landmarks of Perak
Featuring over 160 landmarks and 400 specially commissioned watercolour paintings and sketches capturing the richness and diversity of Perak’s architectural fabric ― palaces, mosques, schools, temples, churches, memorials, government offices, banks, shophouses, bridges and even private residences.


Landmarks of Selangor
There is much to admire in the fine buildings of Selangor, and the book will be of lasting interest to anyone interested in the preservation of the historical treasures. Visitors to Malaysia will be encouraged to seek out an array of sites Well worth visiting and yet easily accessible from the nation’s capital.


Langkawi Style
More than a mere travelogue, this book introduces the reader to the fabled island of Langkawi, as seen and lived through over a hundred locals — craftspeople young and old; artists; nature guides; owners of cafés, restaurants and galleries; residents; foreigners; architects; contractors; designers and hoteliers.


The Architectural Heritage of Melaka
Showcasing various different building types ― churches and temples, public buildings and shop houses, and administrative and civil services. The writer provides a glimpse of life in the past whilst giving much thought as to what kind of architecture that contemporary architects would justify to create an urban and humane environment.


The Architectural Heritage of Negeri Sembilan
Finely drawn plans, elevations and sections reveal the intricate nature of timber construction as well as the characteristics of spaces held by the traditional Malay society of Negri Sembilan, ‘untouched’ by any colonial influence.